Museum Explorer Passport Missions

As well as collecting stamps for visiting the different museums in the passport there is also the chance to complete five exciting missions along your journey and receive a certificate.


The five missions can be completed at different museums or the same one so here is a little bit more about the missions.

Mission 1: Visit one museum you haven’t been to before


Whether you visit lots of museums or you are new to the world of museums this mission is the chance to discover one museum that you have never been to before. Take a look at our distance chart to see the nearest museums to you or to your local museum.

Mission 2: Complete a trail at one museum

PR photo (2)

Many of the 21 museums listed in our passport have trails for you to complete. There are trails for special exhibitions, garden trails, trails around the museum as well s trails that help you discover the exciting towns that the museums live in.

Mission 3: Join in one craft activity

John Bunyan Museum

From making mini museums to creating rainbow kites nearly all the museums featured in the passport are running activities for you to enjoy and gain a stamp in your passport. visit the museum page on our website or the museums’ own websites to find out more about their arts and crafts sessions.

Mission 4: Visit a museum with a garden

Harlow Museum

Hopefully this summer sun will continue so why not take this chance to visit a museum with a garden. There are museums with gardens and outdoor spaces in each of the three counties so plenty of chances to complete mission 4!

Mission 5: Draw your favourite object from one museum in your passport

Essex Police Museum

When you pick up your passport you will notice there are some blank pages at the back for you to get creative. Why not document your journey around the museums by drawing your favourite objects and sticking in photographs of your visits. Find out more about sharing these drawing and photographs with us on our photographs page.

We really hope you enjoy your visits to the museums this summer and remember you can complete more than one mission at a museum!