Strike a Pose!

Essex Police Museum

Dressing-up at Essex Police Museum

At Museum Explorer, we love photographs. When you’re visiting museums over the summer they can capture the fun of family day out, show off your children’s artistic talent as they work on a masterpiece in a workshop or you can work together to recreate scenes in paintings or poses of statues*.

Photographs are a great way for families to be creative together. We would love to see any snaps, Vines or other images and films you take while visiting our museums over the summer, especially if you include your passport in the picture.

What will we do with your photos? We may share them here on our website, on Twitter, Facebook and in our future publicity. Full details are available here

Sharing your pictures with us is easy. Simply tweet them to @explorerpass, post them on our Facebook page or send them over in an email.

*Please be aware that some museums may not allow photography inside their galleries due to conservation or security issues. We ask you respect their rules during your visit.